Thursday, July 05, 2007

Test for LATEX & research notes


以後可以在 Blogger 上面編寫漂亮的數學式子了。先來試用這個套件看看吧!

Try 看看 two to the power of two to the power of two of the power of two:

今日的 research notes:

Given n taxa, we have quartets and sets of three quartet topologies.

與其探討 local conflicts for three set of quartet topologies, 不如把 taxa 5 個 5 個抓來看。我們暫且稱 5 個 quartets 所關連的 = 5 個 quartet topologies 為一個 "local set"。那麼改一個 quartet,會影響多少 local sets 呢?這是我目前要先去想的。

另外,tree-consistent 的 local set 要改成另一個 tree-consistent 的 local set,至少要改兩個 quartets 的 topologies 才行。

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