Friday, February 15, 2008

Notification of the paper

Dear Maw-Shang Chang, Chuang-Chieh Lin and Peter Rossmanith,

On behalf of the IWPEC 2008 program committee, it is our pleasure to inform you that your submission

New fixed-parameter algorithms for the minimum quartet inconsistency problem

was accepted to IWPEC 2008. Congratulations!

The selection of the papers was a challenging and difficult task. The Program Committee members have put in a substantial effort in order to provide useful feedback to authors. We will forward the comments on your paper within the next few days.

We expect that each accepted paper will be presented by one of the authors at the conference.

In a few days you will receive instructions for producing and sending the final conference version. In order to be included in the proceedings, the final version of your paper must be received no later than Sunday, 3 Mar 2008.

Thank you very much for contributing to IWPEC 2008. The program committee and we look forward to seeing you at the conference.


Martin Grohe
Rolf Niedermeier
(Program Co-Chairs, IWPEC 2008)




BarrosH said...


Joseph, Chuang-Chieh Lin said...

第一個字是多餘的吧,要跪賀我可承受不起 ||^^

話說 Peter 好像比我還高興。

老江 said...


Chuan-Mn Lee said...


Joseph, Chuang-Chieh Lin said...

Dear Mr. Chuang-Chieh Lin:

I am pleased to inform you that your manuscript, "New fixed-parameter algorithms for the minimum quartet inconsistency problem" has been accepted for publication in Theory of Computing Systems.

For queries regarding your accepted paper, please click the following link, complete the query form and click "Submit".


Please remember to always include your manuscript number, #TOCS-2212R1, whenever inquiring about your manuscript. Thank you.

Congratulations and best regards,

Alan L. Selman, Ph.D.
Theory of Computing Systems


Journal paper 也有了 :)