Saturday, January 03, 2009

Advertisement for Concrete Mathematics

Ton Kloks 為國科會延攬的荷蘭學者,預計待在中正大學資訊工程學系一至兩年。他將在下學期開設一門給研究生的課程:具體數學 (Concrete Mathematics)

教科書封面 (from Wikipedia)

他也希望大學生也能來聽聽看,因為這門課所講授的數學概念與技巧,對於資訊系的學生來說,是相當實用且重要的,也可以感受一下 Donald E. Knuth 大師的風骨。如果沒有意外的話,我將成為他的助教。以下是他的課程大綱和說明:



This semester we plan to give a course on "Concrete Mathematics."
This is an introductory course in mathematics intended for computer science students. The course was develeoped in the 1970s and taught for many years at Stanford university. The course was put together by Graham, Knuth, and Patashnik.

We plan to go through the entire book. The treated chapters include the following 9 topics: Recurrent Problems, Sums, Integer Functions, Number Theory, Binomial Coefficients, Special Numbers, Generating Functions, Discrete Probability, and Asymptotics. We plan to treat one chapter per two weeks.

Students who want to do this course will need the text book. We plan to give two lectures of 75 minutes per week, covering one chapter every two weeks. Additionally we plan to have weekly
meetings with students to make exercises. During these work-meetings students can ask about the material in the book and ask help in making the exercises.

The exercises in the book consist of warmups, homework exercises, exam problems and bonus problems. Hints at the answers to all exercises are included at the back of the book. The students are free to choose which exercises they make, and how many of them. (It is their own choice to learn from this course as much as they want. We promise to provide sufficient material and help.) We strongly advice them to make ALL warmups, and try to do as many of the homework exercises as they feel fit and capable of doing. We strongly advice students to work in small groups of two or three people to help each other to master the material. Answers to exercises that are made should be written down CAREFULLY; and in CLEAR ENGLISH.

At the end of the course we meet with each group of students, review the exercises that they made, shortly discuss the material with them, and, depending on that, decide on an exam problem to be made within a few weeks after that.


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清大也有開這門課。但小弟資質努頓。除了欣賞 Knuth 的天才外,實在沒學到什麼。

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