Thursday, January 21, 2010

Decision of my submission to TOCS - MAJOR REVISION

等候了將近四個月,關於我投稿至 Theory of Computing Systems 的文章終於有了回應。

Edior 給我的回應如下:
Dear Mr. Chuang-Chieh Lin:

I have received the reports from our advisors on your manuscript, "xxx", which you submitted to Theory of Computing Systems.

Based on the advice received, I have decided that your manuscript could be reconsidered for publication should you be prepared to incorporate major revisions. When preparing your revised manuscript, you are asked to carefully consider the reviewer comments which are attached, and submit a list of responses to the comments. Your list of responses should be uploaded as a file in addition to your revised manuscript.


昨天晚上想問題想到一半打瞌睡,瞄到螢幕上 Gmail 的新信件通知,看到 "Decision on your manuscript ..." 之後,整個人被嚇醒,然後慢慢地打開信件,緩緩地一個字一個字去看結果,心臟都快跳出來了。後來看到 "reconsidered for publication",就轉身跟在床上休息的老婆說,「ㄟ,我之前投的那篇 journal paper 好像會被接受內」,老婆也嚇醒,不過應該是很高興地被嚇起來,那時候真的感覺做研究不是只關乎自己而已 (當然早點畢業我們就有望早日脫離貧賤夫妻的日子了)。

我第一次(也難得有幾次投稿而已)收到這樣的結果,而且兩個 reviewers 給的意見超多。老婆說我看到 comments 的時候,臉色都 yuki 了 (台語)。老師對於這樣的結果很樂觀(比起我而言),我去 Google 了一下,發現 editor 的決定通常不外乎 "Accept", "Minor Revision", "Major Revision", "Resubmit" 與 "Reject" 這幾種。根據這裡的說法,major revision 的決定似乎十分正面:

A paper classified as major revision is "conditionally accepted" based on adequately making the suggested major revisions. Therefore, there is a very high probability, but not 100%, that the paper will be accepted.



Mulder said...

Cong. !!

Joseph, Chuang-Chieh Lin said...

所以 Mulder 兄認為 major revision 的接受機會很大囉。

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To Prof. C. M. Lee: